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Hey y’all and welcome to my Home Chef reviews. Home Chef has been great for my family and me. I recommend it to all busy families. I wanted to make my own assessment so that I could help other people make a decision about getting Home Chef.

Pricing & Cost

The pricing for Home Chef is very affordable. My first order I made was for four people for four days. It cost me a total of $49.60 for all the meals and servings. That is 4×4 = 16 servings. So, it cost me a total of $3.10 per person per meal to do Home Chef my very first time.

I am a very busy person. First and foremost and I am a mother and a wife. I am also employed at a large accounting firm where I love working. My children are both in middle school and my husband also has a full-time job. We are a typical, standard, hard-working American family.


I am primarily the chef in our house. My husband works much more than I do and my children aren’t quite old enough to help out with cooking just yet. Some days after coming home from work I have had zero desire to cook. I have been known in the past to pick up take out on the way home, or a pre-made, frozen meal that I could just heat up in the oven. I didn’t feel like a strong chef in the past.

I’ve always found it difficult to put together a meal that works. I didn’t know how to mix spices well or what sides compliment the main course. I often used work as an excuse to pick up take out, but really, I felt like my culinary skills were lacking. I had a hard time planning and executing a successful dinner.


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The way that we eat plays a huge role in our health as well. When we go through take out spells at our house I can feel a difference in my energy levels and my husband would complain about gaining weight from the unhealthy food. That is when I get motivated to cook dinners again. Take out, fast food or frozen processed dinner are not good for our bodies so I wanted to find a better solution. I wanted to be able to give my family nutritious meals that were easy to make and affordable.

That was when I discovered Home Chef. It is a company that ships the meals straight to my door. They give me all the ingredients to make the meal and the recipe to make it. All of the meals are delicious, restaurant quality and fresh.

Another thing that I love about Home Chef is that I don’t have to spend as much at the grocery store anymore! Saving time not going to the grocery store means more time with my family for me. Buying produce from the grocery store is also a gamble. Some of the produce has been sitting there longer and as soon as I brought it home it would get wilted and go bad right away before we could eat it. That would really frustrate me because I felt like it just wasted me money.

Everything that I get from Home Chef is fresh and high quality and delicious. And I have been able to learn how to cook with Home Chef. That has been a huge accomplishment for me.

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