Blue Apron Vs HC


When I was deciding which company to go with I checked out Blue Apron vs Home Chef.

The biggest reason that I went with Home Chef over Blue Apron or any other company was the customizability of the food ingredients from Home Chef.

One of my children is a picky eater and doesn’t like to eat a lot of certain foods like mushrooms, the other child doesn’t like seafood, I like to eat to low-carb meals, and my husband is allergic to gluten. Before Home Chef coming up with a variety of meals was sort of a challenge with the restrictions and preferences from my family.

With Home Chef I was able to filter out recipes based on our preferences. I was amazed at how much you can customize the meals that they will send. You can filter out ANYTHING from dairy, soy, nuts, gluten and even certain ingredients (like mushroom for my picky child). You can even choose a vegetarian menu.

I am even able to select low carb meals as well. With all of my family’s preferences I have been amazed at the variety of recipes that we get. After we select all of the filters I want I them am able to pick which meals I want to try. Home Chef also really helps me by being able to plan ahead.

With Home Chef, I can select the meals that I want for the next 5 weeks. If the order has not shipped yet I am also able to change the orders as well, they aren’t set in stone once I select them. For example, I had all of our meals planned out and then we were expecting a guest for dinner one night. I was able to login into Home Chef and add more servings to our meal for that night.

Home Chef has made dinner time fun and exciting for me now. All I have to do is order the meals online, then they are delivered to my door and I cook them! What I really like about the meals is that they are not time consuming to make. I haven’t spent more than 30 minutes on any of the recipes that I’ve gotten from Home Chef. You can also filter out recipes based on skill level.

Home Chef puts a skill level on each of their recipes. At first I tried to stick to only recipes that were on the easy level, but as I’ve gotten better at cooking I’ve been able to even try a couple of difficult recipes. The easier recipes don’t take as long to prepare, but the difficult recipes taste like they come from a five star restaurant. The first time I cooked a recipe from the difficult category I felt like I was on top of the world. I enjoyed being able to create something that I thought even Chef Ramsey would like eating.

With the other home delivery services on the market I was not able to have such flexibility that I do with Home Chef. I was not able to filter meals based upon allergies or food preferences. The biggest reason that I went with Home Chef was because I could pick out the recipe I wanted to try.

With Blue Apron I was only able to select which proteins I wanted or if I wanted just a vegetarian menu. I didn’t want to get stuck with a meal that a bunch of ingredients that my picky eaters wouldn’t eat. Other services also don’t let me plan ahead. Overall, I’m very happy that I get to make a lot of the choices in what I want to eat, that it’s cost effective and most importantly—delicious.