When I was first considering a meal delivery service my husband was skeptical about the cost of Home Chef. He was absolutely sure that Home Chef would be more than buying the ingredients than going to the store. So we did comparisons.

I love that Home Chef sends all the ingredients that are needed for the meal and the amount of portions selected for the meal. Before using Home Chef, I would always buy too much of the ingredients and the extra ingredients wouldn’t get eaten and they would wind up getting wasted. Now we don’t waste anything!

The other benefit to getting Home Chef is the wide variety of ingredients that I get to try at a fraction of the cost. Home Chef will often send me unique cooking oils in the exact amount that I need to make the dish. If I were to buy the same bottle of oil from the grocery store I couldn’t get in the exact amount that I’d need for the recipe. I’d have to buy the entire bottle. Unique ingredients usually aren’t cheap. In the long run, it would cost me more to make the same restaurant quality, flavorful dishes that Home Chef provides.

I love being able to get gourmet ingredients at a fraction of the cost. The gourmet cheeses are my personal favorite. I save money using Home Chef by not having to purchase extra ingredients or a whole bottle of specialty oils or spices that I’m not going to use.

Home Chef doesn’t do any long-term contracts so I wasn’t worried about not liking the food or the recipes. I could skip or stop at any time, no questions asked. I like to plan my meals with Home Chef out in advance. When my family and I went on a vacation all I had to do was pause Home Chef for that week that we were gone. Home Chef is very flexible and an easy company to work with.

I used to struggle with coming up with new recipes to try and creating a weekly menu. I had a hard time getting creative or the recipes that I would pick would be a gamble and didn’t turn out right. Now I look forward to cooking again because the guess work is taken out. I am provided all of the ingredients

When we got our first Home Chef meals the price per meal was only $3 a person for each meal! I was amazed at how affordable that was. Then after using our discount the meals came out to be about $9 per person for each meal.

I have Home Chef coming to our house 3 times a week. It’s perfect for us. My husband and I work full time so it is nice to have easy dinners with Home Chef three nights during the work week when we are stretched for time. I recently went to our local grocery store to try and recreate one of the meals that we had from Home Chef over the weekend. I wanted to recreate a steak meal that we had with fresh veggies and another side. I was so surprised to see that it cost more at the grocery store than it did from Home Chef! It was the extra spices and having to buy more ingredients than I actually needed that drove the cost up. For example I had to buy a whole head of lettuce rather than just what was actually needed for the salad I wanted to make. Then the rest of the lettuce would up not even getting used after I bought it.

Home Chef has been a life saver for me and my family. We look forward to all the meals that we get from Home Chef because everything we have had has been easy to cook and phenomenally delicious.