Home Chef offers a few discounts on their website. The best Home Chef discount is applied directly on your first order. For your first order they will give you $30 off of you order. That was a huge discount and basically why I decided to try it out and see if my family would like it.

With our first order we were able to get each serving for $3 a person, per meal. What a deal! I was super excited to get 3 gourmet meals for my family at that price. There is absolutely no gourmet restaurant you can go to and get that kind of price.

The most important discount being free shipping over orders of $45. Every order placed that is over $45 gets free shipping! I like to order three Home Chef meals a week.

The meals that Home Chef provides don’t take more than 30 minutes to make. I used to think that making a healthy, gourmet meal in 30 minutes or less was unheard of it, but it’s true! None of the recipes that Home Chef sends take that long to make. That is one of the reasons that I wanted to try Home Chef. I used to get take out or a frozen meal because I work full time and didn’t have a lot of time to cook. Now I don’t have to spend that much time cooking because Home Chef send me to the meal prepared, I just have to cook it.

I love that my family looks forward to my cooking now. I feel so much joy as mom and being able to provide nutritious, healthy, home cooked meals without and processed ingredients to my family. Home Chef has been able to help my family so much with nutrition and I am so grateful for that.

I also like to think I have a personal Home Chef discount. I am spending less time in the kitchen now that I have Home Chef. They do all of the meal prepping for me so I don’t have to! With leads to less frustration and stress while cooking for me. I used to dread cooking because of how time consuming it was to cook something without processed ingredients. Home Chef has broadened my culinary horizon. I am cooking things I never have even heard of! And I have learned to cook so well now because of Home Chef. Home Chef has been able to transform my kitchen into a five-star restaurant and me into a gourmet chef.

I also think it so important that Home Chef promotes less wasting. Americans tend to waste a lot of food, myself included. We get so much extra from the grocery stores and pay for it and then it goes bad before we get to use it. Home Chef sends exactly what is needed and eliminates waste and extra costs. My husband was at first worried that the portions wouldn’t be enough to keep him full or that he would want more food. I have been so surprised that the portions coming from Home Chef are filling, which leaves my family satisfied. We usually even have left overs from the kids or myself.

I highly recommend Home Chef to every family out there who is busy and is looking for a solution to a healthier, quick meals at an affordable price.