At first I was worried that Home Chef pricing would be through the roof. I didn’t think that a home delivery service for meals could be affordable, but I was pleasantly surprised.

With using Home Chef everything is already prepared and ready for me to cook. Cooking meals is not nearly as frustrating as it used to be to me. I don’t have to chop anything up, measure out all of the ingredients or marinade anything because it has all been done for me.

Before using Home Chef, I tried preparing gourmet meals and I was not very successful with it. I was actually all over the place. I was amazed at how much prep work went into making a meal from scratch. And that was why I turned to convenience, boxed foods because it was easier. It takes a lot of time to chop everything up, give everything time to marinade if needed, getting all of the spices out and measured. By the time I was done with everything it looked like my kitchen had exploded!

The left over choppings would be falling on the floor, a spice might have fallen over leaving powdered spice all over the place. Cleaning up dinner was my least favorite part about cooking before Home Chef. I’d have to put all of the ingredients I got out back into the pantry and all of the spices, etc. It was a hassle and because I didn’t like how much time it took to cook a great meal I didn’t love it and I would bring out the icky processed foods.

Now, all of the prep work is done for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love not having to do any of the prep work for making great meals anymore. Home Chef provides all my spices and oils. Once I am done with everything to make the Home Chef meals I throw things away rather than having to put them back away. There is much less mess and craziness while I am cooking now. I have found cooking to be enjoyable again with Home Chef.

My husband says the Home Chef is like the Papa Murphy’s of the real food world. And he’s almost right! Papa Murphy’s is a pizza place where you pick up an uncooked, gourmet pizza and cook it at home. Home Chef sends all the ingredients and recipe to your house to allow you to make an excellent, gourmet meal in your own home, at a fraction of the cost of making it yourself.

The absolute best part is that Home Chef only costs about $9 person, per meal. That is cheaper than getting all of the gourmet ingredients from the grocery and cheaper than buy taking out. It’s a win, win for me! When we first signed up with Home Chef we got a $30 discount and that made each meal cost only $3 person, per meal! I couldn’t beat that deal and that was initially why I first signed up for it. I highly recommend Home Chef to all the busy people out there. Home Chef pricing is affordable and has saved me a lot of time and money.